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Where Do I Start?
'Not knowing the law or choosing to ignore the laws that apply to your business can be a costly and dangerous decision. Fines and lawsuits that arise from non-compliance cost companies millions each year and could put your small operation out of business if you are not taking the correct precautions!’  
Services We Provide
At HR Rescue Resources, our clients are our very most important priority. We do our very best to ensure your company is compliant so you can avoid VERY costly fines and keep lawsuits at bay!  We are available to consult with you one-on-one by  appointment and prepare a customized proposal based upon the specific needs of your company.   Here are some of the services we provide: 
Guidance on Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

Background Checks
A pre-employment background check can not only save you money in the long run, it can also protect your business. How? If your employees come into direct contact with your customers (for example, cable installation) and cause harm to a customer, your business can be liable if that employee has a criminal record. A background check can also provide insight into an individual’s behavior, character, and integrity.
Job Descriptions

Structured Recruiting & Hiring
Progressive Discipline Plans
Substance Abuse Awareness Training
Workplace Violence Initiatives
Sexual/Workplace Harassment Training
Performance Reviews
Background Checks
Safety Programs
Drug Testing & Policies
Employee Relations Liasion
HR Compliance Audit
Form I-9 Regulations
Reference Checks
Records Retention Requirements
Employee Handbooks
‘Establishing basic policies and infrastructure in your business will set the bar for everything from integrity to an organized workforce. Set the bar low or not at all and you best not expect much, alternatively, formally spelling out what is expected of employees and the type of environment one can expect to work in commands accountability and mutual respect.’
Family Medical Leave Guidelines
Termination Coaching
Worker's Comp/Ergonomics
Wage & Hour
Legal Interview Questions
Management Training & Practices
Unemployment Hearings/Claims
What to include in a Personnel File